Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lou Dobbs: It's just immigration he hates

-- by Dave

Kyledeb at Citizen Orange points out this excellent video from Truth in Immigration that explains in excruciating detail what a complete phony Lou Dobbs is when he claims that he's a big fan of legal immigration:

In an attempt to temper his aggressive rhetoric towards illegal immigration, Lou Dobbs has often claimed that he supports legal immigration.

DOBBS: You cannot reform immigration if you can’t control it. You cannot control immigration unless you control the borders. Absolutely. I am also for raising legal immigration.1


I am just excited about legal immigration – I’m more excited.2

Of course, when it comes down to actually supporting legal immigration, Lou backs down.

DOBBS: Both presidential candidates support expanding guest worker visa programs, programs that bring in cheap foreign labor at the expense of American workers. Bill Tucker has our report.

BILL TUCKER, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): There is no shortage of programs to import foreign workers into the American economy… And there is not a single study documenting the fact that we need all of these guest worker visa programs. But what we do have is eight straight months of rising unemployment and we have, Lou, a Congress ready to add more visas into this mix. Zoe Lofgren yesterday introduced a bill into the House to do what they call recapture 550,000 visas at a time when the unemployment rate in this country is 6.1 percent. They want to add another half million foreign workers into this economy.

The piece goes on to explain that the program Dobbs attacked here was a broadly acclaimed effort aimed at previously approved legal immigration and untangling the mess created by the current system -- in other words, a means of achieving exactly the end Dobbs claims he wants.

But then, as I've observed previously:

Recently, he tried a similar angle in his teeth-baring encounter with Paul Waldman, arguing that "I am also for raising legal immigration." He did it before in an interview with Janet Murguia ...

However, none of this explains why Dobbs:

* Makes up phony statistics connecting immigration generically with a supposed increase in diseases like leprosy.

* Why he broadcasts white-supremacist mythology about a Hispanic “Aztlan” conspiracy to return the Southwest to Mexico.

* Why he continually claims that Latino immigration is responsible for an increase in crime.

* Why he once said that this wave of immigration is turning America into “a third world cesspool” (a remark that has since been removed from the CNN website).

* Why he constantly promotes the notion of making English the official U.S. language.

* Why he regularly refers to this wave of immigration as an “invasion.”

* Why he regularly hosts anti-immigrant voices from white-supremacist groups and vigilante scam artists like the Minutemen and yet neglects to explain his guests' troubling backgrounds.

I could go on all day, but you get the point: None of this has anything to do with the legality, or lack thereof, of these immigrants. Dobbs regularly bashes and demonizes Latino immigrants generically, irrespective of whether they are legal or not.

As I say, Lou Dobbs is a world-class phony. And it's good to see him get called out for it.

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