Saturday, February 21, 2004

Gibson outtakes

By way of corroborating the analysis of my previous post, here are some noteworthy outtakes from Hutton Gibson's recent interview with Steve Feuerstein:

About screening The Passion for the pope:
GIBSON: And anyway somebody said why do you suppose he (the Pope) approved the movie? I said what do you think he would say when it comes out and he disapproved it.

The ones that we have there (in the Vatican) are all involved in the (Jewish) plot.

The need of the Vatican endorsement wasn't, it just wasn't needed at all. The only reason they went over is that the ADL had threatened to take the film over and show it to them. They would have to steal it to do so ... they did already. One of the guys in the office said why don't we take it over to the Vatican and show it to them anyway cause they wanted to see it and they did want to see it. And Mel said "OK let's take it over and show it to them." They were not after any accolade. They just wanted to take it away from the ADL who was going to go in there and put some pressure on like they can and get a condemnation of it.

No, no we had no idea of helping out the Vatican in any way. You see here we have what we call a hostile witness. As Mel said while they were on the way over, "What is he going to say is he going to condemn it because when it comes out he'll show what a big ass he is." What the heck could he say? The Jews were going to take it to the Vatican ... this was the argument from one his producers there, Steve McEveety. Mel said "Go ahead. Let us do it." The ADL might have even taken a few shots themselves and shown the Pope something that was not in the film. There is nothing these guys would not do...

On what motivates the Jews
GIBSON CONTINUES: They are the people with an eye for eye and tooth for a tooth. They must have revenge. You know they (the Jews) caused the Roman persecutions too. They called attention to the fact that the Christians were refusing to offer incense to the emperors when the emperors became gods. The Jews were notable for getting the wood to burn the Christians...a labor of love you could say.

To a Jew a Christian commits idolatry every time he looks at a crucifix and says a prayer. You know there in control and they're going to get in control the way things are going. Because they get all of our people...They killed several generations of us Americans (referring to WWWI, WWII)...The Jews weren't in the army much in WWI that because they were fomenting a revolt in Russia. America had no right to fight in foreign wars (in reference to WWI and WWII).

Where we're headed
GIBSON: We're going to have to do something now in this country because that government is useless. There's a line in the Declaration of Independence where somebody abolishes or sets aside or misgoverns, it is our privilege the constitution, it is the people's obligation to abolish that government. I think there is a way... There is a bloodless way to do it if we can swing it: secession. Just get all states to secede from the government and leave it there high and dry.

The alternative is eventually they are going to clamp down on us and we are going to have the same terror and we are going to have to revolt with a gun or we are going to face the same (governmental) terror ... We're going to have to do something fairly soon, because the longer it goes, the more power they get and the less we have.

I think that if these beliefs are part of the fabric of The Passion, then its purpose just became a little clearer, too.

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