Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jonah responds

-- by Dave

So, Jonah has actually responded to my critiques of Liberal Fascism, and as you can see no one has ever responded in such detail or with such care:
So I finally got around to Dave Neiwert's response to my response to his review. Or at least I think I have. It's hard to make heads or tails of the mess over there. He seems to have become something of a leftwing remora attaching himself to my whale of a book. (Prediction! He calls me fascist for referring to him as a parasite!).

Here's my grand theory about this guy. He's made his career hyping the terrible threat from the Posse Comitatus, Aryan Nations and American Nazi Party and so like the bureaucrats in Office Space who think TPS reports are the most important thing in the world, he can’t seem to grasp that they’re pretty trivial.

In other words, he came to his understanding of fascism by following bands of racist white losers in the Idaho woods while using some Marxist tract or other as a field guide to identify the various species he encountered. In other words, he's internalized every cliché and propagandandistic talking point I set out to demolish in my book. Moreover, his career depends on maintaining his version of the fascist peril. So, he's banging his spoon on his highchair a lot because my book undercuts his whole reason for being.

Ahem. I'm just posting this so people can get a look at it for now. I'll be posting a great deal more later.

Meanwhile, thanks to tristero at Hullabaloo for the nice shout-out. I will indeed be collecting the Jonah links in one place. But not until I'm done with this phase, which will take a couple more posts. I'm also going to be taking the discussion to another level soon.

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