Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Abetting the terrorists

Kynn Bartlett at Shock and Awe has a terrific post about John Noster, the right-wing Los Angeleno who authorities believe was planning a massive terrorist attack of some kind -- and his right-wing enablers, like a writer for David Horowitz's Frontpage Magazine who knew him well:
Gosh, Chris, it's really amazing that one of your churchmates, someone who hung out with you and other right wingers, would turn out to be someone who might plot to do nasty things to people.

After all, it's not like you guys foster and encourage such violence through your obsessively hateful rhetoric or anything, right?

Chris, you see, is the kind of guy who writes columns with titles such as Islamofascism, Inc. and France Surrenders. "Predicably, albeit belatedly, the cheese-eating surrender monkeys in Paris have, well, surrendered," starts the latter column.

Kynn says it all. Go read it.

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