Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Another InstaSmear

Glenn Reynolds, master of the mid-right smear, attacking not just John Kerry, but Democrats generally:
John Kerry has it tough. As I've mentioned before, he's been trying to send a positive message on the war when many people in his own party are actively rooting for the other side.

Since when, exactly, did a non-entity in Florida who ran an outrageously stupid ad come to represent "many people" in the Democratic Party?

Indeed: Can Reynolds name any Democratic officials who are "actively rooting for the other side"? He's already tried smearing Ted Kennedy with this charge, on clearly specious grounds -- though Reynolds does seem confused by the difference between criticizing Bush for his failures and hoping America fails.

In any event, one wonders whether Democrats should return the favor and accuse Bush and the defenders of the Iraq Misadventure of aiding the war on terrorism -- since it is clear, as just discussed, that the invasion has definitively harmed those efforts.

Hey, maybe there's a reason al Qaeda officials have already endorsed Bush. Does that make Insty and the rest of the Bush sycophants "objectively pro-terrorist"?

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