Thursday, April 15, 2004

Rush Limbaugh, lunatic conspiracy theorist

Is it the Oxycontin talking again?

It's a sign enough of conservatives' mental instability that they're obsessing over the notion that Hillary Clinton is going to be John Kerry's running mate.

Now this. No More Mister Blog reports the following transcript from Rush Limbaugh:
Hillary wants to be on the VP ticket so that she dispels the notion that the Clintons are sabotaging the campaign and so that she can also go out there and really be the star. She'd be the star because she'll be the one bringing excitement to it. And, by the way, she'll get all kinds of criticism and the Republicans will launch all they've got at her, and she'll endure that. They know that they're pretty confident Kerry is going to lose and if Kerry wins there's always Fort Marcy Park. So they're rolling the dice on this.

The park in question, of course, is the one where Vince Foster's body was found -- which is to say, in the Bizarro Worldview of Limbaugh and his followers, where his body was dumped after Hillary had him murdered.

In other words, Limbaugh is not merely hinting, he's clearly saying outright that the Clintons intend to assassinate Kerry if he wins the presidency.

You have to wonder if the self-righteous right-wing bloggers who have been jumping all over Daily Kos, Ted Kennedy and Christopher Dodd (you know who they are) are going to make even a peep about this.

Nah, of course not. Their brand of hypocrisy is all too familiar to us anyway.

But anyone with an ounce of decency in them should be raising hell about this.

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