Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Right-wing creep

Speaking of right-wing politics creeping into the mainstream ...

Has anyone else noticed that one of the candidates for the Showtime "reality" show American Candidate -- in which average Americans compete to become the contestant chosen to be an "official" candidate for president -- is none other than Richard Mack?

Yes, that Richard Mack. The fellow who was the NRA's "law enforcement officer of the year" at the same time he was touring the country promoting militias. A quick profile from In God's Country:
Richard Mack. An Arizona sheriff who gained notoriety for refusing to enforce the Brady gun-control law in his county, Mack is a disciple of the late W. Cleon Skousen, a Mormon conspiracy theorist and John Birch Society pillar. Mack travels the nation giving seminars on how to resist the New World Order, embodied in gun-control measures, and he recommends militias as an effective step. The National Rifle Association named him the organization's "Law Enforcement Officer of the Year" for 1995. Mack's drawing card is gun control, but often a point of emphasis is what he calls the "myth of the separation of church and state."

Mack was defeated in his bid for re-election in Arizona in 1998 and wound up moving about in search of fresh causes, first in Nevada and then Utah, where he currently resides.

Of course, Mack is only one of several hundred contestants, and it figures that at least one or two extemist figures would creep into this list. Moreover, at this point it's hard to tell if his 516 supporters are even significant. It will be noteworthy, however, if Mack moves on from the early rounds.

In the meantime, voters in Mississippi's third congressional district will have the option of voting for an independent candidate who bills himself as "Jim Giles, White Patriot". A quick review of Giles' Web site reveals certain predilections:
And don't forget to Practice tolerance!!

Stand next to a tree and let the dogs piss on your new shoes.

Wander through a ghetto about 2:00 AM and let the brothers have a great time stomping your white ass.

When you catch a stud pumping up your wife, just smile and say "Excuse it please."

When a nog rapes your daughter, please understand that he was caught in the throes of an irresistible impulse.

Stand under a statue and let the pigeons shit on your head.

When a mestiza tosses a crap filled diaper onto your lawn, tell her the lawn is big enough for more.

When a ricer steals your cat for his next meal, ask him if he'd also like your dog.

When a mugger takes your wallet, tell him he's also welcome to your jacket, shoes and watch.

When a scum bag is doing a pipe number on your BMW, thank him and let him know you wanted to buy a new car anyway.

Be tolerant. Pretend you are a roll of toilet paper. Be happy with what happens and thank God for blessing you so.

Of course, he happens to be running primarily against Chip Pickering, a conservative Republican who gets to come off looking positively enlightened when contrasted with a Giles.

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