Friday, July 02, 2004

Input, please

Paul Lukasiak, who compiled that recent outstanding analysis of Bush's military records, "Deserter: The Story of George W. Bush After He Quit the Air National Guard", is about to release the second part of his work, titled "Discharge? or Desertion? How the Bush Files Show that Bush Deliberately Ignored His Legal Obligations to America's National Security". He's asking for readers to critique the work before he officially "releases" it.

If you're interested, write to him at He'll send you a URL for the latest installment.

I'm particularly eager to read the portion of his work that Paul described in a post at Table Talk:
the "Deserter" article is just a fraction of what I've been able to come up with by comparing the records themselves to the laws and policies of that era.

right now, I'm working on the documents concerning Bush's actual discharge. Those documents make it clear that Bush's INTENTION was to blow off his Military Service Obligation.

The really fun part of all of this is that the White House doesn't realize how much information is in the payroll records that were released...

if they knew, they would never have released them.

At the bottom of each page, there are all these lines of incomprehensible "data" it turns out, those lines are the data that was entered INTO the payroll system.....and THAT information makes it clear that Bush engaged in pre-meditated fraud.

[Update: I see Paul has posted the working draft URL. You can get a sneak peek at it here.]

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