Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Covering for Bush

Paul Lukasiak appears to have uncovered evidence implicating the complicity of the Air Reserve Personnel Center in covering up the facts surrounding George W. Bush's military records:
Individuals at the Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC) in Denver, Colorado, are participating in the cover-up of George W. Bush’s military records. Less than five months after Bush took up residence at the White House, APRC put up a Web page that was full of flat out lies and distortions with regard to the nature of the training requirements for member of the Air Reserve Forces, which includes both the Air Force Reserves and the Air National Guard. And those lies and distortions are consistent with the lies being told by the Bush administration and its apologists with regard to Bush 'fulfilling his duty.'

Within hours after being notified (and shown the proof -- see Appendix 1) that the Website contained egregiously erroneous information, APRC took down the Web page with no explanation.

But the deliberate distortion of Bush's military service predates the posting of false information on the ARPC Website. In October 2000, an Air Force major working in the Public Affairs Department of ARPC declared that APRC officials had examined Bush's records, and found that Bush had met his "minimum drill requirements. When this same officer was contacted at ARPC earlier this year in a attempt to determine the criteria used by ARPC, he attempted to provide the same false information that appears on the Web site. When its erroneous nature was pointed out to him, he accused the caller of "trying to get me to say that Bush was AWOL," when in fact all the caller wanted to know was the criteria used by ARPC. This major promised to look into the subject, but has not returned calls since that time.

Go check out all the details. This is a working draft, and Paul is always eager for useful feedback.

You'll note that Albert Lloyd Jr.'s name comes up quite a bit. For a little more detail on Lloyd's activities in this arena, see the post with input from Marty Heldt as well as another recent reminder.

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