Monday, March 28, 2005

Blogging about

I've got a fresh post up at the newly redesigned American Street titled "Right wing scamsters," a follow-up to the recent post about the "Little Shell Pembina Band."

Eriposte has put together all the links to an excellent series at the Left Coaster on "How the Liberal Media Myth is Created." Be sure to check it out.

Philosoraptor has the definitive assessment of David Brooks' latest installment in his long-running "liberals are moral-relativist weenies" crock o' bobo.

Sean-Paul Kelly at the Agonist has posted an open letter to the National Press Club regarding its latest panel on blogs and journalism -- which includes faux journalist James Guckert, but no bloggers -- urging it add John Aravosis to the panel. I'm signing it; you should too. (Via Majikthese.)

And Part 1 of Natasha's "A Canticle for Lieberman" at Pacific Views is a must-read.

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