Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Get us out, indeed

Now that that great supporter of the United Nations, John Bolton, has been named the American U.N. ambassador, I'd like to humbly suggest an excellent hire for the position of assistant ambassador, if there is such a job. (And if there isn't, they ought to create one.)

And I think President Bush should nominate John Trochmann of the Militia of Montana.

After all, this is a president who, as I've noted previously, has expressed nostalgia for those old John Birch Society billboards that shouted, "Get Us Out of the U.N.!" I think that when it comes to dealing realistically with the U.N., he'll find Trochmann right up his alley too, maybe even more so than Bolton.

Here's a brief excerpt from Chapter 4 of In God's Country, on Trochmann and M.O.M.:
He detailed for me the various troop and tank sightings that led him to believe that foreign troops were massing on, or in some cases within, our borders, preparing for a United Nations invasion of the U.S. Their ultimate intent: "A business takeover of America," he said.

What, I asked, like a corporate takeover? Multinational corporations?

"Correct. A financial investment. America has become a multi-trillion-dollar business to these people. And they believe that people like you and I are wasting their natural resources at much too rapid a pace. And we must be culled back.

"The investors, according to the information we have in print from the United Nations, will guarantee them up to 990 percent per year return on their investment, which is a pretty good incentive, especially for the politicians that are voting against the people. It's obvious where their love lies."

You're talking about a military action, aren't you?

"Yes," he said. "A military coup, if you like. Using foreign troops and foreign equipment."

Trochmann told me that Ruby Ridge and Waco were mere harbingers, test runs for what they intended to start doing to average citizens. Street-gang members from the Bloods and Crips, he said, were being trained in Spokane right then for house-to-house-search-and-seizure techniques. When the big crackdown came, they'd round people up, ship them off to concentration camps (which he said were already being built), and then "liquidate" them until the population was stabilized.

Obviously, Trochmann has many years' practical, on-the-ground experience in dealing with nefarious United Nations activity (which might make him qualified to be Homeland Security chief too, but I guess that job's been filled). Who better than a severe critic to keep an eye on this hopelessly corrupt operation?

I imagine Trochmann and Bolton would get along just great, don't you? Birds of a feather, as they say.

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