Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Murderous hate

Even though there are reasons not to jump to assumptions about the murders of Judge Lefkow's husband and mother in Chicago this week, it frankly would be foolish, given the history, not to turn a big spotlight on white supremacists generally and the World Church of the Creator's remnants specifically in looking into the case.

Certainly that's the view of the neighbors, as well as experts. According to a Washington Post report:
Because of the notoriety of the Hale assassination plot, few seemed to believe the killings could be a coincidence. In the upscale, tree-lined Edgewater neighborhood where Lefkow lives, Eddy McDonough said he had seen squad cars parked outside the judge's house in the past. He considered it a targeted attack.

"This is a hit," McDonough said. "Most people living here don't feel threatened, since this wasn't aimed at them, but we're in shock."

On average, about 700 threats are made against court officers each year, according to the Marshals Service, which secures federal courthouses across the country. In 2003, marshals managed special security for 20 federal judges and prosecutors.

If the Chicago killings are eventually connected to Lefkow's work on the bench, it will be the first time that relatives of a federal judge have been killed. Three judges have been assassinated.

Mark Potok, chief of the hate group monitoring project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, said he believes it is "highly likely that a follower or sympathizer of Matt Hale is responsible. This is a group with a really remarkable record of criminal violence. The members of this group have been involved in murder, bank robbery, innumerable beatings and aggravated assaults."

And it's not as if Hale's supporters are recoiling in horror over the murders. Indeed, according to the last graf of the New York Times report:
Sympathizers abound. "Everyone associated with the Matt Hale trial has deserved assassination for a long time," read an Internet essay posted Tuesday by Bill White, editor of The Libertarian Socialist News. "I don't feel bad that Judge Lefkow's family was murdered today. In fact, when I heard the story, I laughed."

Getting a clearer picture of this involves wading into the white-supremacist swamp. (Click on the following links only if you're prepared to take a nice long shower afterward.)

The National Alliance online magazine National Vanguard [warning: hate site] ran a version of the story ran a photo of Lefkowitz, while its story noted that the judge is "still unharmed."

Meanwhile, over at the Liberty Forum ("Powered by Reason and Principle"), which specializes in far-right causes, the posts are even more specific:
What this incident shows is that:

The American people will not stand by while their country, their rights and their economic livelihood is stolen from them for Bush's sick anti-American policies.

As the famous saying has it: Whatever happens to the Americans will happen to you.


Because the police state and the Jew monopoly media want to create the impression that Admiralty-Maritime tribunal administrators (judges) are important in the minds of the sheople.

The same way they indoctrinate the sheople to believe politicians, and presidents are important, and that the Jew monopoly media is a respected, credible source of information.


So an attorney and a judge's blood-sucking mother are axed. Big whoop! Good riddance. May they be eternally tormented. Too bad the judged wasn't axed as well.

Maybe next time

More judges need to be shot!

You want your freedom? Retribution is the key.

Also at Liberty Forum, Hal Turner gives the story the full-fledged paranoia treatment, warning "white nationalists" that they should expect to be targeted by authorities, and to clean up their acts:
Believe me when I tell you, the next few days and weeks will be like nothing we've seen in the WN movement so far. EVERY one of us should expect an abrupt visit from the feds. When they come knocking, it won't be friendly. It will be ruthless, arrogant and abusive. They will be looking to incite some type of reaction worthy of arrest from every single one of us. They want us ALL in jail. . . . . yesterday. Whatever it takes to achieve that, they will do.

So now's the time to get things in order and prepare. Right now. Not later, not tomorrow or this weekend. Right now.

No doubt they'll be oiling their guns this weekend.

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