Sunday, April 24, 2005

Blogging about

Be sure to check out the new blog from Russ Baker, one of the best independent journalists working today, which he's titled BakerMuckraker. It kind of looks like he's still figuring out the links thing, but the content as always is what counts most ...

eRiposte has finished up his great 15-part series, How the Liberal Media Myth is Created, which recaps information many of us already knew, but puts it together in a cogent way that offers some insight into how to battle the meme. He's also begun a follow-up series at The Left Coaster titled "Why the Liberal Media Myth Persists", with Part 1 and Part 2 already up.

I was pleased to read in the New York Times that the late Will Eisner's final book, The Plot -- which tells the story of The Protocols of the Seven Elders of Zion -- is soon to hit the bookshelves. I've already pre-ordered it.

And I have to say that Abstinence made me laugh. A lot. But it's probably not work-safe.

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