Friday, September 23, 2005

Bobo's World

Here's a lovely recent incident in Montana, where I've been traveling this week:
[John Russell] Howald and three other men were at a campsite near Bernice when two dogs showed up, according to one of Howald's companions quoted in court documents.

When the dogs would not leave the site, Howald allegedly shot at them, wounding a chocolate Lab.

He allegedly pursued the wounded Lab around the side of a trailer and then into the trees and shot at it a number of times, then came back to the campsite and got a chainsaw and severed the dog's head.

Howald then allegedly drove to a campsite occupied by Mike and Brenda Sullivan of Butte and threw the severed head of their dog at them, saying "Here is your f------ dog back," according to the documents.

Howald also threw a beer bottle at young boy in the campground, and then fired a shot in the direction of the boy's father when he objected. He entered a not-guilty plea yesterday in court.

One has to suspect that crystal methamphetamine played a role in this incident, as it has in many other recent incidents of extraordinary violence in Red State America.

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