Saturday, April 01, 2006

WATBs of the Week

Dori Monson, with Stefan Sharkansky in a supporting role.
Forget for a moment how incredibly dishonest it is for Dori to spend an hour disparaging the Democratic Party based on the barroom conversation of a handful of bloggers. The very fact that Stefan and Dori have decided to ignore the very serious topics we discussed and instead focus on our less than solemn language tells you how desperate they are to change the subject from the failed Bush administration and the rubber stamp Republican majority that props it up.

Well, fuck them. The whole point of recording the podcast in a bar is to try to capture the kind of spontaneous conversation and debate that makes Drinking Liberally such an intellectually satisfying and entertaining event. If Dori wants to get all sanctimonious with his screened calls and his feigned outrage, that's up to him. Hell ... he's the "professional."

Funny that Monson can get all worked up when a few Democrats podcasting from a bar and making jokes use the 'F' word, but he utters nary a peep when Vice President Dick Cheney tells a U.S. senator on the floor of the Senate to "go fuck himself."

TalkCheck has the audio. Josh Feit has more.

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