Friday, May 19, 2006

Good reads

Reading through Kevin Phillips' analysis of the criticism directed his way from the Rubin wing of the Democratic Party, I happened to note his observations about Jacob Weisberg of Slate. Yeah, that Jacob Weisberg.

Best one-stop shopping for refuting your right-wing anti-immgrant friends' bullshit talking points? Try the ImmigrationProfs' blog.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden has an excellent examination of Bush's border program that covers all the bases.

Still, for my money, Digby (who else?) has the most insightful take on the immigration debate, though he/she touches on a point (regarding white privilege) I'll be expanding on soon. Meanwhile, be sure to read Glenn Greenwald, who ties it all in with the surveillance scandals.

Meanwhile, Press the News has an excellent analysis of the Bush domestic-spying program.

Eric at Correspondent X has an excellent takedown of that Shelby Steele's recent book, with a follow-up post to boot. Be sure to check out his blog, which is excellent.

And following up on some other previous posts, Echidne chimes in on Ann Coulter.

And ThinkingMeat does the honors in dealing with Dan Paden. When guys like Paden come along, you think, "Gawd, where do I start?" But then you realize that life is too short. Anyway, thanks, meatguy.

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