Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The bicycle solution

I've only alluded to it previously, but your humble correspondent is also something of a bike nut. I try to bicycle to work, to the store, on errands, as much as possible. Fiona rides a third wheel behind me to school.

I don't write about it a lot because, well, it's really not all that interesting. But the concept of bike commuting -- and the ethics involved in it -- is something I am interested in, and recently had a chance to write about.

Specifically, I've got the lead piece in this week's Seattle Weekly, and it's about the realities of bike commuting in Seattle, a supposedly bike-friendly community. It's kind of a local thing, but I like to think that the idea of bicycling as at least a partial solution to a host of environmental and political ills -- from global warming to our dependency on oil -- is something that goes unnoted by too many people. I actually tend to blame it on what I see as a culture of convenience and laziness endemic to Americans generally, but that's mostly when I'm feeling grumpy.

In any event, be sure to check it out, as well as a couple of sidebars only available online: a piece on how bikes and cars can get along, and another with tips for beginning bike commuters.

Oh, and if you happen to live in the Seattle area, be sure to pick up the latest edition of Seattle Magazine, which contains my in-depth look at the Minutemen of Whatcom County. Unfortunately, it's not available online.

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