Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nuke 'em all

Well, you can add yet another voice to the eliminationist chorus from the American right ...

Seems the staff of Rep. Richard Pombo has been overdosing on the kool-aid:
"Connecticut should have its statehood taken away from it. The foolishness of its pampered residents should be demonstrated to others by a government program to bulldoze the entire state, salt the land and construct a windfarm to supply NYC with electricity. And its residents should be relocated to Guantanamo Bay where they can take a number behind the 3 who hung themselves this weekend, since they seem so intent on suicide."

-- Daniel Kish, a senior adviser to Pombo, in an email

What inspired this outburst? No, it wasn't the looming likelihood that Connecticut voters are about to turn out Sean Hannity's favorite Democrat -- though Lord knows, that has plenty of Beltway types screaming about the blog apocalypse.

No, it was an editorial in a Connecticut newspaper opposing ANWR drilling.

I wonder what he wants to do with my state. I mean, if an editorialist becomes representative of an entire state -- and plenty of our editorialists have in fact weighed in strongly against ANWR drilling -- then what does that make an elected official? After all, our junior senator is the one primarily responsible for stopping the latest attempts at opening ANWR.

For some reason, I'm guessing nukes are involved.

[Via Atrios. For more on Pombo, see here.]

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