Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Bush, Bush world

Now that ABC has become a full-fledged propaganda organ for right-wing ideologues, I think it's fair to assume we'll be seeing similar changes throughout its parent company, Walt Disney.

Imagine, if you will, some of the new rides at Disneyland:

-- The Clintonhorn (as your rollercoaster descends the slightly crooked penis-shaped mountain, scary Bill Clintons with glowing red eyes jump out at you).

-- Space Media Mountain (another rollercoaster, this time with a dizzying array of meaningless media feeding frenzies -- O.J. Simpson, Natalee Holloway, JonBenet Ramsey, Brad and Angelina, Tom and Katie, J-Lo and Ben -- come whirling past in a mind-blowing rush).

-- Haunted White House (while the ghosts of presidents past hover approvingly over a George W. Bush lookalike, the phantoms of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky come popping out of various hiding places, leaving semen stains in their wake).

-- Terrorists of the Middle East (as your Hummer guides you through a desert wasteland, various brown terrorists with gleaming eyes and boxcutters clenched in their teeth come jumping out at you).

My favorite, though, will probably be the ever-charming boat ride into "It's A Bush World," wherein an array of little brown terrorist puppets, clutching bombs and guns, representing countries from around the world, threaten ridegoers as they endlessly sing:
It's a world of terror, a world of fears,
It's a world of death, and a world of tears
There's a reason we care
To make sure you are scared
It's a Bush world after all

It's a Bush world after all
It's a Bush world after all
It's a Bush world after all
It's a Bush, Bush world

There is just one scapegoat for every ill
It's that president whose name was Bill
When the world hates your guts
Blame it all on his putz
It's a Bush world after all


Personally, I'm looking forward to getting an autograph from Hillary the White Witch.

[Hat tip to Tom Tomorrow for the Bush image.]

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