Monday, September 25, 2006

Torture and Jesus

Digby posted this as a superb example of the way the torture issue can and should be framed:

Thanks to Tristero and Atrios, too.

Regarding the latter: I think his caveat regarding the "Jesus Warrior" types is important. But I also happen to believe they're in the distinct minority.

Yes, it's true that fundamentalism attracts all kinds of right-wing authoritarians. And frankly, there is no hope of reaching the hard core among them. But there are many, many of them who are not fully absorbed by it, whose humanity lies not too far under the surface. And I believe we can reach them.

One of my commenters put it this way:
I work for a Christian University, and I've been hearing a lot of talk about this torture business. I'm seeing a lot of solid red voters re-thinking their entire frame of reference because of this. At first, when I would ask them if secret prisons and torture were things a "Christian Nation" would be involved with, they'd put up a half-hearted fight, but as decent folk, really, they seem to be taking a closer look at their scripture.

The point is not to win them all over. The point is to make enough them think about it to give them pause.

And while we're at it, be sure to read Pastor Dan on this.

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