Thursday, November 09, 2006

Eye on the ball

Impeach Bush?

Listen to Julie:
No way ... I emphatically disagree with this, as do most of our Democratic leaders including Speaker-to-Be Pelosi and DNC chair Howard Dean.

Instead, we must achieve some major policy accomplishments for the American people. Raise the minimum wage and offer incentives to companies that create good jobs. Pass legislation to advance alternative energy. Start work toward more comprehensive health-care coverage. Find a way to get our troops home from Iraq and start making real progress against international terrorism, instead of making it worse.

Americans did not elect Democrats to get mired in a year of impeachment hearings that would leave us with ... President Cheney?! Americans elected a Dem majority to start getting something done after siix years of incompetence and corruption. If we can make some positive advances in the first months of the 110th Congress, then and only then would it be worthwhile to take some punitive measures against Bush.

But I believe even that would be a waste of time. George W. Bush is now a lame duck whom history will judge most unkindly. America has many more urgent priorities than booting his sorry butt from the White House.

Bush is going to be completely hamstrung as it is. He's been essentially rendered a secondary entity. Impeaching him would be a complete and utter waste of time.

Better to keep our heads in the game, folks.

UPDATE, to clarify any confusion in my comments: Look, if in the course of investigating the gross mismanagement of the war and American policy in general we uncover criminal wrongdoing -- particularly when it comes to wiretaps -- then I think we need to take appropriate measures, and impeachment may well be one of these. But making impeachment a goal at the outset seems a really badly misplaced priority to me.

-- Dave

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