Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Other Nightmare

by Sara

Dave's been saying for four years now that we're just one catastrophe away from turning into a full-on authoritarian state.

Most people have assumed that it would take another terror attack to trigger a mass flight toward fascism. But I've had another, far more tangible nightmare in mind -- and it's disturbingly similar to the one Mike Whitney at The Smirking Chimp tells us is occuring right now.

The Fundamentalist tide has been ebbing a bit over the past year, even as the various right-wing fascist factions have been enjoying one of their periodic resurgences. Both are still plenty strong enough to grab hold of an economic meltdown and ride it to power.

And this one is looking less like "if" and more like "when" -- where the value of "when" is defined as "soon."

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