Monday, March 19, 2007

The tide keeps rising

Another day, another entry for the eliminationism appendix. This time, courtesy of "calipygian" at the Victory Caucus:
If we Americans have a fateful flaw in our national character, it is forgetfulness. This failing speaks well of our human decency and generosity, but not always for our political wisdom or intelligence. We think everyone else as is good natured as we are. Our military defeated Iraq in mere days, after which we saw American soldiers giving MREs to hungry Iraqi women and children. That's how we Americans are. Our national virtue is our national weakness. We do not want to change all that much, and as long as our world-famed good nature does no great harm, why should we? There is one thing to keep in mind: Don't be too good natured, since our enemies are not noble enough to overlook our mistakes.

If this advice applies anywhere, it apples to our relations with the libs. Carelessness here is not only a weakness, it is disregard of duty and a crime against the security of the state. The liberals long for one thing: to reward our foolishness with surrender to the terrorists. It must never come to that. One of the most effective defenses is an unforgiving, cold hardness against the destroyers of our people, against those who would benefit if we lose the war, and therefore also against the victims, if we win.

Therefore, we must say again and yet again:

1. The liberals are our destruction. They want to destroy the United States and our people. This plan must be blocked.

2. There are no distinctions between liberals. Each liberal is a sworn enemy of the American people. If he does not make his hostility plain, it is only from cowardice and slyness, not because he loves us.

3. The liberals are to blame for each American soldier who falls in this war. They have him on their conscience, and must also pay for it.

4. If someone pulled the lever for Kerry, Pelosi, et al., he is an enemy of the people. He earns the contempt of the entire people, for he is a craven coward who leaves them in the lurch to stand by the enemy.

5. The liberals enjoy the approval of our enemies. That is all the proof we need to show how harmful they are for our people.

6. The liberals are the enemy's agents among us. He who stands by them aids the enemy.

7. The liberals have no right to claim that their arguments and opinions equal ours. They should be ignored, not only because their are simply wrong, but because they are liberals who have no right to a voice in the community.

8. If the liberals appeal to your sentimentality, realize that they are hoping for your forgetfulness, and let them know that you see through them and hold them in contempt.

9. A decent enemy will deserve our generosity after we have won. The liberal however is not a decent enemy, though he tries to seem so.

10. The treatment liberals receive from us is hardly unjust. They have deserved it all.

It is the job of the government to deal with them. No one has the right to act on his own, but each has the duty to support the state's measures against the liberals, to defend them with others, and to avoid being misled by any liberal tricks.

The security of the state requires that of us all.

And just to keep current, here's Mike Adams at TownHall a few days ago (hat tip to archy.):
But enough about what Ann ought not to do. Here's what she should do immediately:

1. Start a website called "Global War on Fags" today.

2. Begin writing essays calling for the cleansing and purification of society via the mass murder of homosexuals.

3. Distribute videos on the website showing the actual murders of homosexuals.

4. Circulate instructions on how to bomb gay bath houses in San Francisco.

5. Circulate a "battle dispatch" to give people specific information on America's most notorious bath houses.

6. Apply for a job at Kent State University.

Adams is evidently referring to the case of the jihadist professor at Kent State -- neglecting to observe, of course, that the prof in question has tenure and is not currently applying for a post there. Unsurprisingly, John Hawkins at Right Wing News wants this professor "put on trial for treason and executed if he's convicted (and if the blog referenced is his, he deserves to be convicted)".

Adams is trying to make a "satirical" point, of course. But it's always worth noting when the "satire" describes the actual beliefs and actions of right-wing domestic terrorists. But that, you know, is the kind of terrorism that the Coulter Right "understands."

As one of his admirers says, "I do understand that this column is tongue-in-cheek about how PC everyone is these days, but there is a disturbing inkling I get that the things Mike wants Ann to do are the things he really wants to do."

After all, if Coulter had made a "nigger" or "Jewboy" joke, you have to wonder if Adams would have penned a "satire" proposing she undertake a "Global War on Blacks and Jews" campaign.

UPDATE: "Calipygian" chimes in here: "It is a modification of a Goebbels speech he gave in November 1941 called 'The Jews are Guilty' where I pretty much substituted 'Liberal' for 'Jew'. It does pretty much fit in at the site, doesn't it? There is another speech I modified there based on his Toteler Krieg speech. There are more details at The General's place.

"I'm kind of flattered in a sick sort of way that it fit in so well over there."

So, just to be clear: His post was a deliberate spoof of antiliberal eliminationist rhetoric. Considering how well it went over at the forum, though, I'd have to say he made his point.

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