Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jews for Nazis

-- by Dave

I was on David Goldstein's radio show last night and, in between segments, we wound up chatting briefly on the subject of anti-Semitic Jews. Not being Jewish, I'm not very comfortable wrestling with the issue -- but Goldstein, being very Jewish, has no compunction about it at all. He said he's looking forward to talking about them when the subject arises, and he thinks it will a lot in the coming year.

Well, I'm not sure if this quite qualifies as an anti-Semitic Jew -- maybe just Batshit Crazy. All you have to do is give her blog a quick visual scan to figure out that Pam 'Atlas' Geller Oshry is a little, er, unstable. (Yes, I'm talking about her, ah, iconic logo, among other items.) But leaping to act as a shrieking-harpy apologist for one of the best-organized neo-fascist organizations in Europe? An outfit that has never apologized for its Nazi past (and present)? I don't think "holy shit" quite covers it.

I mean, she's actually managed to make Chuckles the LGF Clown look sane and rational in all this -- no mean feat. Sadly, No! has all the details.

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