Wednesday, November 28, 2007

About that civility thing

-- by Dave

Up in Bellingham, a fellow named Stu Hyatt penned the following two-sentence missive to the Bellingham Herald:
Concerning the rioters at the shipyard in Tacoma. Where is the the National Guard unit that guarded Kent State when we need them?

I'd imagine it's serving in Iraq right now, actually. Like thousands of National Guardsmen.

But you have to wonder about a newspaper that will publish a fairly unmistakable wish that someone would shoot war protesters.

Now, no doubt we'll be reminded that this is "just a joke," like so much right-wing "humor" these days. Eliminationist? What's that?

Mind you, this is an editorial page whose editor last month was fretting about nasty rhetoric in the current political discourse. Funny how that standard gets applied, isn't it?

[Hat tip to Steve at Washington Outsiders.]

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