Monday, January 07, 2008

Eliminationism watch

-- by Dave

The other day Hume's Ghost noticed Neal Boortz indulging in a little old-fashioned eliminationist rhetoric, with a distinctly McCarthyist afterburn:
An election is coming in 11 months and millions of parasites, led by single females, are getting ready to accelerate the destruction of the concepts of individuality, private property rights, self-reliance, and this very country by putting a hideous, power-hungry, big-government socialist* into the White House.

You do know, don't you, that you have absolutely no constitutional right to cast a vote in this presidential election. No .. you probably don't know that. That would mean you are educated, but you're not. You were educated by the government ... and the government sure isn't going to disclose that inconvenient little fact to you. Somehow the media in this country has bought the politician's about this "right to vote." It's not there. Doesn't exist. And to save this country we need to figure out a way to get tens of millions the parasite class off the voter roles. Welfare? No vote. Illiterate? Stay home on election day. Begging for the government to be your lifetime nanny? Let the doers, the achievers cast the votes. Just stay away.

You've gotta admire the way he strings together the staples of eliminationist rhetoric: the targets are "parasites" and generally subhuman vermin -- and just in case they get any funny ideas, they don't even have the right to vote. And oh! Just for good measure: Commies! Pinkos! Socialists!

But then comes the coup de grace:
*About that asterisk. Current language usage compels me to use the term "socialist" when describing Hillary Clinton. The actual word we need to use is "fascist." The left, however, has managed to take the "fascist" word and turn it into an epithet against right-wingers. Nazis were fascists, right? Perhaps you might be one of the few to learn that "Nazi," in German, is "Nationalsozialismus." The true name of the Nazi Party in Germany was the National Socialist German Worker's Party." German Nazis weren't at all fond of capitalism .. and neither is Hillary Clinton. When it comes to the free market Hillary has quite a lot in common with these folks ... not that you'll ever read that in the mainstream media.

Either Boortz has been sampling the Goldberg borscht or he's just a regular consumer of this old right-wing saw. But the irony of calling liberals Nazis in a piece in which he also accuses them of being "parasites" is, well, quite rich.

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