Wednesday, March 05, 2008

How the Conservatives Got It Right

-- by Sara

As of this week, I'm halfway through my tenure as this quarter's blogger-in-residence over at the Campaign for America's Future. It's been quite a ride.

This week, I've put up Part II of a three-part series that's taking an in-depth look at the basic strategies the conservatives used to win (to the extent that they did win) the culture war. Mainly, it's about how they built their entire movement around the single goal of promoting the conservative worldview, which provides the cognitive foundation for every other program and policy on their agenda. Once we learned to see the world their way and accept their foundational assumptions about how it worked, they knew that getting the rest of their agenda passed would happen far more easily and naturally.

This plan was solidly grounded in the social sciences, and relied on understandings gleaned from social psychology, cognitive psychology, linguistics, and sociology. In other words: it was damned insightful and smart -- and there are a lot of useful lessons progressives can glean from it as we try to pull together a movement that will endure for the long haul.

You're invited to go take a look.

Part I
Part II
Part III will go up next Monday.

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