Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Obama calls out Dobbs and Limbaugh

-- by Dave

Well, we've been saying it here for awhile now, but recently, Barack Obama said it too:

At a fundraiser in Florida Thursday night, Barack Obama accused anti-immigrant crusaders Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh of "ginning things up" to such an extent that there was a rise in hate crimes against Hispanics last year.

"A certain segment has basically been feeding a kind of xenophobia. There's a reason why hate crimes against Hispanic people doubled last year," Obama said. "If you have people like Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh ginning things up, it's not surprising that would happen."

Politico's Jonathan Martin writes that Limbaugh addressed Obama's remarks on his radio show today and said that the remarks hurt his feelings.

"I actually don't believe this. Barack Obama, in my own state, raising money for his presidential campaign called me xenophobic at a fundraiser," Limbaugh said. "I thought this guy was the unity candidate? Calling me a Xenophobe? Responsible for hate crimes? My feelings are hurt here."

I'm sure we're all just very worried about poor Rush's hurt feelings here, since he's such a sensitive fellow himself who would never dream of hurting anyone else's feelings, let alone demonizing them so deeply and consistently that right-wing nutjobs in his audience set off bombs at federal buildings or commit hate crimes.

Now I wonder if Lou Dobbs will invite Obama onto his show to attempt to "refute" this charge. Or will he just bare his teeth again?

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