Monday, July 14, 2008

McCain Talks Out Both Sides Of His Head To Latinos

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 John McCain just can’t help himself — especially when it comes to immigration. Today he flopped again — or was that a flip? Anyway, kyledeb, liveblogging McCain’s speech at National Council of La Raza, caught him doing it:
Someone from One Dream 2009 asked if Senator McCain would support the DREAM Act. Yes, he said, but he also supports the nation’s sovereignty and wants to make sure it doesn’t come at the expense of legal migrants.
Yeah, McCain supports the Dream Act, all right — except when he doesn’t:
McCain, who lost most conservatives when he supported the president’s immigration reform proposals, confirmed that he did not support the DREAM Act, which was stopped in the Senate Wednesday by a vote of 52-44. The DREAM Act would provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who came to America when under the age of 16. It would also give green cards to illegal aliens residing in America for five years and attending college or performing military service.

“I got the message and the American people want the borders controlled first,” he said, adding that once that was accomplished, he would take steps to implement comprehensive immigration reform including paths to citizenship.
And he says the same thing when he’s on a conference call with right-wing bloggers, too.

Yep, guess we can just get used to calling him ole Two-Face McCain.

Matt Ortega has more.

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