Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Now You Can Be A Minuteman From The Comfort Of Your Couch!

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Now here’s some exciting news:
"Couch Patrol" Launches Monday

Operation Virtual Vigilance Ready to Go

After a delay to allow correction of technical difficulties having to do with camera scheduling , a system of border cameras controlled over the Internet that Fox News labeled the "couch patrol" last April, will begin full-scale operation this Monday, July 8, according to American Border Patrol.

Originally conceived by ABP in September of 2005, the border camera system, now called Operation Virtual Vigilance, can be controlled over the Internet, including pan-and-tilt and camera controls (zoom, etc.). At present ABP operates two systems, both on its ranch in Southeastern Arizona. One camera is stationary and the other, with its solar power, can be moved from place to place. More systems are to be added to the network in the near future.

Color and thermal cameras are used.
And when they’re not busy watching the border — or maybe when the endless monotony of the uninterrupted desert landscape gets to be too fucking boring to watch (which will be after about 10 minutes at most) — hey, they can play that shooter video game where you pick off the Mexican border crossers.

Actually, this probably is good news. These people will represent one hell of lot less danger both to themselves as well as other people by just staying on their couches. Really.

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