Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dispatch From Wasilla, Video Edition

-- by Dave

I tried getting some interviews while I was in Wasilla this week on my new Flip phone, but unfortunately my batteries kept dying on me in mid-interview (I've since figured out what I was doing wrong). These are videos I took at the Mug Shot Saloon on the main highway through town, where there's a big banner outside hailing Sarah Palin.

Nearly everyone inside was wearing Palin buttons and T-shirts. There was also a big cardboard cutout of Palin.

On Tuesday night, a crew from The Daily Show (though not Jon Stewart himself; I was mistaken about that) showed up and filmed interviews with Mug Shot patrons. As you can see, I talked to a couple they didn't interview.

The most striking interview was with the woman who made the Sarah Palin doll. Unfortunately, the camera's battery died just as she began to tell me why she made the doll.

What she said was this: That she had provided day care for Palin's children, in particular the second-youngest, Piper -- who had signed the doll along with Palin herself (she showed me the signatures on the doll's tummy).

She said that Piper always wanted to know: "Where's my mommy?" So she made a doll that looked like mommy to make her happy.

I swear to God I am not making this up.

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