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Gee, another well-armed Glenn Beck fan freaked out about FEMA concentration camps. Whoda thunk?


-- by Dave

Well, at least this time -- unlike the last -- no one got hurt:

A woman who police said had an XM-15 assault rifle, a shotgun, and 500 rounds of ammunition in her car was arrested and charged with trespassing after officials at the Air National Guard Base at Gabreski Airport called the Suffolk County Sheriff’s office to report that she was taking photographs on base property in Westhampton Thursday night.

Nancy Genovese, 49, of Lakewood Avenue in Quogue was charged with criminal trespass in the third degree, arraigned in Southampton Town Justice Court on Friday and is being held at the Suffolk County Correctional Facility in Riverhead on $50,000 bail.

This wasn’t the first time Ms. Genovese was observed taking pictures of the base, according to the sheriff’s department. When Deputy Sheriff Robert Carlock arrived at the scene Thursday night, he was told by members of the Air National Guard that she had been warned for several weeks to stay off of the airport property. She had reportedly been seen several times taking pictures along the perimeter of the base. An off-duty Southampton Town Police officer recognized Ms. Genovese when she returned to the base Thursday night.

Genovese_0d03a.JPGIf you go to Genovese's MySpace page, you'll see that it features the nice woman at right and the declaration "Μολών Λaβέ" -- or "Molon labe" which is Greek for "Come and get them." This, as I've described previously, is a favorite theme or code word among the new militias organizing out there; they are declaring that Obama will take their guns away only by deadly force. As Wikipedia notes, it's the sentimental equivalent of "Over my dead body."

Genovese's MySpace blog declares, among other things, her utter admiration for Glenn Beck:

...we the people. I just saw GlennBeck tell it like it is!
Yes, he was firm and he is talking to congress, for all of us.
...we the people. I just saw Glenn Becks show, now on the 2 am show, missed it at 5 PM today.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Please do re post this video.

He is mad as hell and so are we. He is right and so are we.
He says a copy of the letter he is speaking of, from a grandmother, is on his site, if you want to add a comment or sign it.

God Bless all of you my friends.

She is also obsessed with FEMA and ardently believes that concentration camps are being built:

He got me by surprise on his first call. I wasn't ready for him. I just called his direct line, and spent about 10 minuets on the phone with questions I wanted to ask him, being from DHS.

He says there is no way right now, marshal law will be imposed in the USA. He told me it would have to be dyer situation for the President to make such a declaration.

I presented a scenario of dyer straits to him, like, the dollar goes down to the predicted 15.7 cent in value, swine flu is killing people and they have a few million dead bodies to deal with, people have no homes, no food, looting is going on. Um, yes, martial law would be something the country would need.

He did insist Americans would never put up with being put in any camp and stopped me when I even mentioned the word camp.

He told me FEMA owns NO camps. None.

I asked, "you must see the info on the internet regarding these camps?" He told me he ..."works all day and had no time to research the videos" and docs proving FEMA owns these camps. I have the feeling his job title may be damage control.

I'm sure Beck will deny he had anything to do with this, too. Maybe she's just another liberal out to make conservatives look nutty.

No doubt he'll point out that he actually debunked the FEMA camps story. This is true. Unfortunately, as we also noted, it followed on three weeks' worth of Beck telling his audience he "couldn't debunk" the camps story.

booksnmore4you at DailyKos has more details. As does Martin Hill at OpEd News.

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