Saturday, April 10, 2010

Palin's Brainless Nonsequitur Of A Response To Obama: Well, You're No Expert Either

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Yesterday at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, Sarah Palin shot back at President Obama for his naked diss of Sarah Palin and her highly sophisticated advice on nuclear policy:
Palin: Now, the president, with all the vast nucular experience that he acquired as a community organizer ... and as a part-time senator and as a full-time candidate, all that experience, still no accomplishment to date with North Korea and Iran.
OK, Sarah, we'll write this very slowly and hope that you can understand:

-- See, the president can't be an expert in all things. So he surrounds himself with the best minds he can, experts who advise him on various aspects of national policy.

-- Obama probably would admit he is not an expert in nuclear issues.

-- However, the people whose advice he's following -- namely, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon -- very much do have that expertise.

Or do you now want to stack your resume on nuclear issues up against theirs?

Of course, it always helps if you know how to actually pronounce the word.

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