Tuesday, May 11, 2010

O'Reilly And Dobbs Agree: Arizona Immigration Law Is Fine And Dandy, And It Would Be Political Suicide For Obama To File A Suit

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Bill O'Reilly brought on "immigration expert" Lou Dobbs to talk about the Arizona police-state immigration law last night on his Fox News show. As you might expect, we were treated to the kind of judgment and insight that led to Dobbs' removal from his anchor's seat at CNN.

Both agreed that the new law was "obviously" perfectly constitutional, and Dobbs went so far as to predict that it would easily withstand any court challenge. With that in hand, the conversation went this way:
O'Reilly: If 70 percent of the country supports the Arizona law, according to the latest polls -- 70 percent! If the Obama administration sues Arizona, that's it for them! They're done! To me, it's a bluff!

Dobbs: I personally believe -- whether it's a bluff or whether it's a foreshadowing of their intent -- I truly believe it would be a great thing for America if this administration would sue the state of Arizona.

O'Reilly: You want them to sue.

Dobbs: Absolutely.

O'Reilly: Why?

Dobbs: Because we need clarity in this country. We need -- enough of the rhetoric from the left, the right, any of these factions. Let's talk about the responsibilities of the federal government, the responsibilities of the state government -- the last I looked, they hadn't suspended the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. Arizona has every right to be taking these steps, particularly where this government is quite consciously, this administration, quite consciously, is refusing to enforce immigration law, either internally or at the border.
In other words, Dobbs too believes it would destroy the Obama administration -- and thus he wants them to do it. Because he's also so certain it would be upheld.

Anyone wanna bet that if and when the courts overturn the law, Dobbs will declare that everything is in chaos as a result?

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