Thursday, September 02, 2010

Jan Brewer Refuses To Answer Questions About 'Headless Bodies' -- Even After The Debate To Reporters

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We pointed out awhile back that Gov. Jan Brewer's fearmongering about immigration in Arizona -- painting the state as the nation's kidnapping capital, a violent place where "headless bodies" were being left in the desert -- was effectively destroying the state's economy.

Last night, it came back to bite Brewer in her televised debate with Democrat Terry Goddard -- and afterward with reporters, too:
Goddard accused Brewer of damaging Arizona's image and business prospects by portraying the state as a violent place because of border-related crime.

Goddard said that's untrue and outrageous and she should admit she's wrong. "There are no beheadings that was a false statement and it needs to be cleared up right now," he said.

She responded, "Terry I will call you out, I think you ought to renounce your support of the unions that are boycotting our state." He dismissed her demand, saying he opposes the boycott.

Afterward, reporters asked her why she didn't answer Goddard about the beheadings. They said, "About the headless bodies? Why won't you recant that… do you still believe that?" She turned on her heel and left the post-debate news conference -- and the reporters were left grumbling.
Of course, as scarce observes, it wasn't exactly Brewer's best night anyway.

So even the local Fox station was trashing her astonishing performance.

Yeah, you have to wonder how well it's going to sit with Arizona voters that Brewer will make herself into a national celebrity by appearing on the propaganda channel, Fox News, 20-plus times, but won't even talk to local reporters at all. Wonder how well that 20-point lead is going to hold up.

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