Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OneNation march plans send Glenn Beck into a Red-baiting frenzy: Marxists are everywhere!

-- by Dave

Hmmm. Gotta wonder if Glenn Beck is worried that his mass self-promotion -- in which he claimed half a million people turned out, when the real number was about 90,000 -- is going to be overshadowed this weekend by the OneNation march being planned in D.C. this weekend.

Because he sure was turning up the volume yesterday:

Beck: Now, I'd love to see the president come out and denounce socialism, Marxists, communists, revolutionaries. Once! Mr. President, once! Deny Marxism, Communism, revolutionaries! Tell us you are against all of this!

Marxism is evil, and the only thing it has contributed to in the history of mankind is mass graves. All of these groups, and the president of the United States, want nothing short of fundamental transformation of America. It is not about cleaning up corruption. It is only a beginning -- a beginning of a radical, revolutionary Marxist land.

Do not allow them to get away with the lies! Do not allow them to say that we are just "one nation, working together". "We're just trying to put America back to work, and putting America back together." These people, a lot of them have fought their entire life to destroy America!

Now I get the guilt by association. If there's a lone wacko in a group that sneaks in, I get it. You happen to be standing next to somebody and they take a picture of them, and they're a whack job, you didn't know that necessarily.

But when you the overwhelming majority of groups organizing this event believe in Marxism, then yes we can, yes we can judge you by the people that you keep company with.

Overwhelming majority? Hell, go to the One Nation website and check out their extraordinarily long list of backers. It includes every major progressive group, including the NAACP and the NEA and the AFL-CIO, as chief sponsors, and a list of dozens of left-leaning groups -- including, indeed, the Socialist and Communist groups that Beck singles out as representative of the entire group. But in fact, they are a tiny minority of the overwhelmingly mainstream organizations at the march.

And yes, your humble correspondent will be there -- just to piss Beck off. More soon.

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