Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Smell Of Schadenfreude In The Morning: Christine O'Donnell Sparks All-out Right-wing Civil War

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One of the reasons the GOP has become the Party Of No is because conservatism is fundamentally a negative thing -- it's not so much for anything as it is against All Things Liberal. This is why right-wing pundits' chief skill is less in proposing or promoting things but in tearing things (and people) down.

This is never more evident than when they start turning on each other, as they have this week in the wake of Christine O'Donnell's GOP primary victory in Delaware. We've gotten a brilliant display of the viciousness of Republican infighting that just makes you want to pop a big batch of popcorn and pull up a chair to watch.

There's nothing more amusing, really, than seeing Michelle Malkin -- without a hint of irony -- viciously attack Karl Rove for his on-air criticism of O'Donnell's victory ... by calling it "vicious."

And then to watch Rove furiously defend himself by making a very clear-cut case against O'Donnell's lack of ethics ... and then suggest that Republicans might want to steer away from someone who refuses to be held accountable. Of course, we all remember just how accountable Rove has been for his various near-criminal activities in the White House.

My absolute favorite read today, though, is Oliver Willis' compilation at Media Matters of the outbreak of hostilities around O'Donnell, particularly fomented by Mark Levin, who until he grew a beard was movement conservatism's version of George Costanza. Levin has been castigating everyone in sight who questioned O'Donnell, particularly the folks at the Weekly Standard. They've been firing back, which means that everyone's private opinion of Levin (he is reputedly one of the nastiest characters you'd ever have the misfortune to encounter in person) is now bubbling to the surface.

I dunno about you, but I've popped about a week's worth of popcorn for this. I'm skipping the butter, though.

UPDATE: Here's Rove this morning on Fox's America's Newsroom, backing down.

I guess the might of the Mighty Limbaugh is too much even for Karl Rove.

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