Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Megyn Kelly gives Joe Miller another shot at endorsing Palin's presidential bid. He declines

-- by Dave

Well, the popcorn is a popping: After the revelations in Mudflats that Todd and Sarah Palin were pissed about his lackluster, noncommittal answer as to whether he would support Sarah's candidacy for President, Joe Miller went on Megyn Kelly's show this morning on Fox and got another shot at it -- and declined.

Along the way, he managed to raise the question: Is Joe Miller a Birther?

Check it out:

KELLY: So let me just ask you, let me just put it out there then -- are you willing to say now whether you think Sarah Palin is qualified to be president?

MILLER: You know, I'll tell you the exact same thing that I just said this last week, while I was in D.C. And that is, she, if she puts her name in the hat, and that's totally up to her, there are a number of others that are there as well, any one of which would make a far better presidential candidate than what we've got right now in the Oval Office. But her decision to run is hers and hers alone, it's not our decision as to whether or not she runs. It certainly is a sideline to what's going on now in Alaska. And we aren't going to fall into the trap, again, that the media's trying to plant, create as some sort of a struggle between the Murkowskis and the Palins, because that is not what this race is about --

KELLY: I hear you, honestly, I'm not trying to ,lay any trap. I'm just wondering, you know -- she endorsed you, she and Todd Palin were clearly upset you wouldn't say whether she was qualified. And I wanted to give you the chance to say yes or no. It sounds like you're not really going to say yes or no.

MILLER: Well, no -- let me make this unequivocal. She's done phenomenal things for this country, there's no question about that. She's elevated the debate critical to our race, and let me tell you also, we know what qualified means, don't we? We know that we have a constitutional requirement for somebody that's gonna run for President. Of course she's qualified.

Well, Todd issued a statement saying he had just misunderstood Miller, but really, there's no misunderstanding this: Joe Miller refuses to endorse Palin as a presidential candidate.

Can't imagine he'll be pleased with a mere endorsement of her bare constitutional qualifications, since everyone running meets them -- everyone, it seems, but certain Kenyan-born Muslims.

Because that seems to be what Miller is referencing by emphasizing "we have a constitutional requirement for somebody that's gonna run for President". Earlier, Miller was emphatic that the current occupant of the Oval Office is unqualified.

It sure sounds like Miller is a believer in the Birther theories. It's about time someone asked Miller about this. If, that is, he'll let them.

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