Thursday, November 04, 2010

Your librul media at work: At Obama's post-election presser, the reporters act like they're from Fox

-- by Dave

Today's press conference was remarkable for a number of things -- President Obama's meekness among them -- but the most disturbing thing was the way reporters grilled him, as though they were Fox talk-show hosts and he just another football of a liberal guest. Their questions, as they always are at Fox, were essentially Republican talking points reshaped as questions.

And it wasn't even the Fox reporters who did it.

First up was the AP's Ben Feller:

Q: Are you willing to concede at all that what happened last night was not just an expression of frustration about the economy, but a fundamental rejection of your agenda?

Sure. Lessee, just two years after fundamentally embracing his agenda -- and rejecting the conservative one -- they've now decided to reject it altogether.

Then, after Obama made clear he didn't buy this nonsense, MSNBC's Savannah Guthrie asked:

Q: Just following up on what Ben just talked about, um -- you don't seem to be reflecting on or second-guessing any of the policy decisions you've made, instead the message the voters were sending was about frustration with the economy, maybe even chalking it up to a failure on your part to communicate effectively. If you're not reflecting on your policy agenda, is it possible voters can conclude, you're still not getting it?

Savannah, we're sure there's a nice deal awaiting you at Fox someday. No one at Fox could have framed that right-wing talking point better. Indeed, we'll bet they wind up playing it a lot there.

It sure is revealing, in a comparison/contrast kinda way, to go back to President Bush's post-election press conference in 2006, after voters had just rebuked Republicans by throwing them out of Congress.

Because no one asked him if his agenda had been repudiated. No one asked if he just didn't get it. All Bush did was say he was going to basically keep doing what he was already doing, and hey, everybody in the press corps was just fine with that.

That's your liberal media at work for ya.

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