Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tucker Carlson uses winter storm on East Coast to attack climate science: 'This is of course a religion'

-- by Dave

It's not hard to see why Tucker Carlson inspires such visceral dislike from the likes of sane people such as Jon Stewart. It's the way he wraps the dumbest propagandistic crap in such smug preppy smarm.

Like earlier this week, filling in for Hannity on his Fox News show: There's Carlson hosting a segment on global warming, pretending -- as Fox anchors did all last winter, too -- that those severe storms are somehow proof, as Hannity himself puts it, that "global warming is a fraud" or other denialist nonsense.

It's obvious, right off the bat, that Carlson either doesn't know, or doesn't want his audience to know, that climate is not the same thing as weather, and that global warming means just that -- it's a global phenomenon, and not just an Eastern Coast of the United States phenomenon:

Carlson: But despite the frigid temperatures and record snowfall this season, global warming true believers are still trying to spin the weather.

Carlson seems to have trouble grasping a simple principle: Global warming means more severe seasonal storms, precisely because it is putting more moisture into the air. Indeed, one of his guests, Betsy Rosenberg, tries to explain this to him, but Carlson is just too intent on forcing his spin onto everyone else.

Carlson: You know, I was interested to hear Betsy use the term biblical, because this is of course a religion, and one with particularly fervent believers. ...

Then he closes with a particularly snide shot:
Carlson: Good luck with your religion, I hope your spaceship lands.

Of course, Carlson is just keeping up the tradition at Fox of lying to its audience 24/7, especially when it comes to global warming.

But he really seems to enjoy being a complete dick about it.

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