Saturday, March 19, 2011

James O'Keefe Won't Let Others Videotape Him

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Hypocrisy, O'Keefe is thy middle name:
Conservative activist James O’Keefe, who has gained notoriety for his hidden-camera stings of NPR executives, ACORN employees, teacher unions, and CNN reporters, gave a speech to a New Jersey Tea Party group today. The Asbury Park Press reports that O’Keefe had only one condition: that his speech not be videotaped in any way. A representative for the Tea Party group told a photojournalist from the Press that she didn’t agree with O’Keefe’s order, but explained that “This is a guy that’s in trouble with the law, he’s got lawsuits up the gazoo for trying to help you with your freedom.”
ThinkProgress' George Zornick quotes O'Keefe's speech, wherein he says:
"It all goes back to one fundamental principle — and that is to make (the media and public officials) live up to their own book of rules. If you want to call out a hypocrite, the best way to do that is look at how he lives his life."
Quoth the guy who tried to lure a CNN reporter onto his Loooove Boat.

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