Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Glenn Beck Predicts Imminent Revolutionary Violence From The Left This Summer -- Just Like He Did In 2010. And In 2009.

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Glenn Beck devoted his show yesterday to predicting another "summer of rage" from the oh-so-violence-prone American Left:
BECK: America, I want to warn you, this is the summer of revolution. Things are going to get worse, and I believe May is going to play a huge role, as will September. [draws breath] Oh, did I say something that I shouldn't have, socialists and communists? Yes, we're listening and we're reading, sometimes right over your shoulder, and you don't know it.
Funny thing -- that's just what he predicted would happen last summer too! From June 2010:
BECK: America, these guys joined with these guys -- the politicians joined with the revolutionaries so they could gain power. Now it is time to break apart -- because the summer of rage is about to begin.
And another funny thing: He predicted the same thing in 2009 too:
BECK: Now here is the One Thing that everybody seems to be missing: The extreme Left is actively calling for violence! As world economies go down the tank and unemployment continues to rise, disenfranchised people are set to explode.
It kinda reminds me of those apocalyptic cults who periodically predict that the world is really about to end, so their followers all gather in the cult compound (often in remote places like Montana) to prepare for it, and then they either all drink Kool Aid and die, or they hold intensive prayer sessions and then, when the predicted Day of Doom comes and goes without event, announce that their prayers have saved the world -- for now -- and go home as though nothing had happened.

Now that it's Sayonara Beck at Fox News, look for him to become Alex Jones on steroids. Which means that someday we probably CAN figure on watching the armed FBI standoff from the GlennBeckian Cult Compound someday down the pike.

Meanwhile, of course, Beck wants you to pay no mind to the picture of right-wing violence we're getting:


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