Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Herman Cain Gets A Hannity Job: Softball Interview Lets Him Admit He Was Clueless About Issue He Attacked Obama On

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Tea Partying wingnut candidate Herman Cain -- who was caught looking like an idiot this weekend for wading into the Israel-Palestine debate and demonstrating his utter cluelessness with Chris Wallace -- got to have a Fox News do-over last night by getting himself a Hannity Job: "one of those appearances where Sean strokes you, tosses you a bunch of softballs, and lets you promote your campaign and issue non-answers whenever you like."

It was a nice try, of sorts. Basically Cain admitted he was stumped by Wallace's question and caught flat-footed. But hey, he's all studied up on it now. (And from a reliable source, no doubt.)
CAIN: The thing that you gonna learn about Herman Cain, if he doesn’t know something, he’s not going to try and fake it or give an answer that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Now here’s the thing that I have learned about the right of return since Sunday. It wasn’t that they were kicked out of Israel by the Jews, no. Their Arab leaders asked them to leave… So yes, I still stick by my answer – it is the responsibility and the decision to be made by Israel.
As Ellen at NewsHounds points out, that's the kind of lameness we've come to expect from this Republican field of stiffs, blowhards and half-wits:
Well, the thing we really learned about Herman Cain is that he’s a knee-jerk pro-Israel supporter willing to attack President Obama’s Middle East policy without knowing what he’s talking about.

Before he asked about right of return, Wallace noted that Cain had accused Obama of throwing Israel “under the bus” with his suggestion that Israel return to 1967 borders. Cain reiterated that stance, saying he’d offer nothing to the Palestinians “to make peace.”

And yet, when asked about the right of return, Cain said, “That’s something that should be negotiated.” He also said, “Yes, they (Palestinians) should have a right to come back, if that is a decision that Israel wants to make.”

If Cain knew anything about Israel’s policies, he’d have known that that’s a decision Israel has already made – against the right of return. So, the Cain campaign issued a statement last night trying to walk back and recast his answer to make it look as though Cain knew what he was talking about.


Now on Hannity, Cain was arguing that he originally knew nothing about a long-standing key point of contention between Israel and Palestine but 24 hours later had gotten up to speed on the whole thing.

Not surprisingly, none of these contradictions were explored by Hannity.

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