Thursday, June 02, 2011

June 30: Our Long GlennBeckian Nightmare Finally Has An End Date

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Glenn Beck's show has become an inane bore in recent months, especially since it was announced he was leaving Fox News. Lots of nattering about his Grand Caliphate Theory and warning that evil radical liberals were colluding with far-right radical Islamists to end the Western way of life. Lots of blackboards and sincere talks. Yawn.

Like yesterday's episode, wherein he told people who objected to his incessant reliance on Nazi analogies to "get over it":
BECK: We have gotten an awful lot of criticism on this program whenever we talk about Nazis. Well, you know what? Get over it. The fact is, however -- you don't have to go back to the violence and vicious hatred and the desire to exterminate an entire race of people. You only have to turn on your news. Check the headlines. You'll see it right before your eyes, but most in the mainstream media will not tie this stuff together.

These are people who surround a tiny little country, Israel. These are people who have been trying to wipe out the Western way of life. The same people who flew planes into the World Trade Center. The same the radicals on the left in America are teaming up with to destroy the Western way of life, through Israel.
Of course, if he were really concerned about eliminationist rhetoric on his TV tube, Beck should begin with his own program.

In any event, it's been dragging on, creating a looming sense of "Can we please just get this over with." So it was with a real sense of relief that we read today that, there's finally an end date to all this:
Mediaite has learned that Glenn Beck’s last day on Fox News is currently scheduled to be June 30th. Fox News has confirmed this information to Mediaite.
As Richard Lawson at Gawker puts it:
But yes. The Beck as we know him right now will end at the end of this month. And thank God (and by "God" I of course mean the mighty Hunga-Deity that is George Soros) for that. The greatest thing about all of this is that we can now begin to speculate about how fantastical and surreal his final show will be. Take a drink every time he squeezes his eyes shut really tight and desperately tries to ascend to heaven, right there live on TV!

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