Thursday, November 01, 2012

Good Omen For Obama: Dick Morris Predicts Romney Landslide

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If there's anything we've learned over the years of watching Fox News, it's that Dick Morris is the perfect reverse barometer: Anything he predicts will turn out to be not just wrong, but laughably, head-shakingly so, whether it's his advice on handling the democracy uprising in Egypt, his prediction of impeachment hearings for Obama, his claims Obamacare would bring about "euthanasia," or whether Bill Clinton should have negotiated the release of two hostages in North Korea, or his forecast of sweeping Republican wins in 2010 far beyond anyone's predictions (not to mention eventual reality).

If Dick Morris says it, you can count on it being wrong.

Which is why his recent prediction of a Mitt Romney landslide -- which he explained for Bill O'Reilly last night -- has largely been greeted with broad smiles from the Democratic camp. As Zandar at Balloon Juice put it, "So yes, now that Toesucker here has called it for Romney, President Obama is spiking that there football."

Ed Kilgore observes
You might wonder if this sort of crap might run the risk of convincing some happy conservatives that they need not bother to vote, or can afford to indulge their resentment of Romney’s refusal (on occasion, at least) to back a Personhood Amendment or spend the remaining days of the campaign “vetting” the president’s background. But just as they did with the Iraq War, a lot of Republicans seem to think it is psychologically critical to protect Total Success in all their endeavors.
And just to underscore how wrong Morris is about everything he touches, Markos points out (via a commenter):
Morris says Michigan has 15 electoral votes. It has 16

He says Minnesota has 16 electoral votes. It has 10.

He says Colorado has 10 electoral votes. It has 9.

He says Nevada has nine electoral votes. It has 6.

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