Sunday, March 24, 2013

A nice review for 'And Hell Followed'

David Takami has written a nice review of my new book, And Hell Followed With Her: Crossing the Dark Side of the American Border, for the Seattle Times:

David Neiwert’s new book is a taut true-crime story told with a measure of gravitas, gripping as much for the grisly particulars of a violent murder as for the fascinating context of the anti-immigrant movement playing out along the U. S-Mexico border.

... Neiwert shows how credulous media members — especially local television stations and CNN’s Lou Dobbs — whipped up the hysteria with softball interviews of Chris Simcox, Jim Gilchrist and other Minuteman leaders. As the author astutely observes, the anti-Latino, anti-immigrant frenzy recalls historical racism in the American west, especially anti-Asian campaigns in the 19th and 20th centuries.

... Though the incidents in this book occurred nearly four years ago, the circumstances surrounding the murders are still highly relevant. As the national debate on immigration heats up again, this is a must-read for those who seek a deeper understanding of the issues and emotions behind the rhetoric.

Some of you may have noticed that an excerpt ran this weekend in Salon:

Secrets of the right-wing conspiracy playbook 

The debate over immigration and the border is a classic example of how the extreme right manipulates real issues

And for those of you in the Bay Area, you may have heard me tonight on KGO-AM being interviewed by Pat Thurston. 

The word is getting out. I'll have more tomorrow.



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