Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Good Christian hate

Another disturbing hate crime, this time in Texas, involves a University of Texas student and three other young men who evidently wielded scripture even as he was inflicting violent harm on a gay man:
Jacobs said the suspects met the victim at Oilcan Harry's, a gay bar in Austin's Warehouse District, and accompanied him back to his home at about 2 a.m.

Once there, the four men allegedly forced the victim to sodomize himself with an object at knifepoint while they used homosexual slurs and denounced gay marriage. She also said the men made references to Old Testament verses dealing with homosexuality while they beat the victim with their fists. About two hours later, she said, the suspects robbed the man and left his home. She said the victim suffered minor cuts from the knife but was not stabbed.

Worth noting: The chief perpetrator in this case is a man named Darrell Gay. This sounds reminiscent of the Danny Overstreet killing in 2000, where a man named Ronald Gay walked into a Roanoke, Va., gay bar and began firing randomly.

Gay, as it turned out, told authorities he was largely motivated because he felt deep humiliation over what he considered the hijacking of the meaning of his surname by the homosexual community. He also liked to call himself a "Christian soldier."

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