Sunday, August 29, 2004

A question

Can anyone tell me why this incident is not being reported, both by government officials and the press, as a case of domestic terrorism?
Police Confirm Pipe Bomb Blast at Stem-Cell Lab

BOSTON (Reuters) - An explosion that blew out a number of windows at a Boston-area laboratory specializing in stem-cell research was caused by a pipe bomb, local police said on Friday.

No one was wounded in Thursday's early morning blast at Watertown, Massachusetts-based Amaranth Bio, which says on its Web site its technology is focused on organ regeneration and that it is working on cures for diabetes and liver disorders.

In a statement, Watertown police confirmed the explosion was the result of a pipe bomb and said they believe someone broke into the facility. No arrests have been made, police said.

Just wondering.

I guess the worldview of our new CIA chief, Porter Goss, has permeated federal law enforcement. It was Goss, you may recall who dismissed the notion that abortion-clinic bombers (like, say, Eric Rudolph) were genuine "terrorists":
"The trouble is, 'terrorism' is a very broad word, and it lends itself to a lot of mischief for people who would abuse common sense," Goss said. He then cited bombings of abortion clinics. "To me, that's not the kind of terrorism I'm talking about."

"That's criminal law enforcement," Goss said. "But it would fit most broad definitions of terrorism because the purpose [of those attacks] is to scare people."

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