Monday, April 07, 2008

Bolder by the day

-- by Dave

So now the skinhead set is trying to gain recruits in Pennsylvania (specifically, Wilkes-Barre) by hanging banners near public throughways:
The banner on the Market Street Bridge, which promotes the Keystone State Skinheads organization, reads, “Preserve Our Heritage,” on a white bed sheet with black spray paint. The sign was hung on the west side of the bridge and also promotes the organization’s Web site,

It comes just a day after similar fliers were posted in Shickshinny and earlier last week in Pittston, and days after police arrested two teenage girls – one a self-proclaimed Nazi – on charges of spray-painting anti-Semitic words and symbols on two buildings, the Ohav Zedek Synagogue and the vacant Mertz Building on Conyngham Avenue.

According to the Keystone State Skinheads Web site, the KSS was formed in September 2001 by a “small group of skinheads” residing in Harrisburg, with the goal of uniting all racially aware skinheads in Pennsylvania. The organization has a local branch in Dunmore with a P.O. Box address.

“They seem to keep putting (banners up) under the disguise of nightfall,” said Ron Felton, president of the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. “Obviously they don’t want to be detected, but want to promote their cause by defacing public property.”

You'll note that the message of the banner is intended to resonate with whites resentful about Latino immigration.

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