Sunday, July 04, 2010

"100% Americanist" J.D. Hayworth Attacks Obama On Immigration; Joe Arpaio Chimes In With Slam Of McCain

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It was only a few years ago that J.D. Hayworth was out there selling Henry Ford's anti-Semitic "100 percent Americanism" schtick (which may have played a role in him losing his seat in Congress). Nowadays he's pitching Birther conspiracy theories and going so far to the right that, of course, he's giving John McCain a run for his money in the Arizona Senate primary, and making things a bit uncomfortable for Sarah Palin in the process.

Of course, this means he shows up a lot on Fox News, too, which gave him airtime Saturday on the Geraldo Rivera show (with Jeanine Pirro filling in), along with his pal and avid supporter, Crazy Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County. Trying desperately to inject some sanity into the conversation was Clarissa Martinez of the National Council of La Raza -- but the Crazy Train was too busy tooting and rolling to notice.
Hayworth: And Jeanine, I have to tell you, when I heard our president speak earlier this week, I was struck by the fact that it seems that he was unilaterally declaring surrender -- that he is not interested in enforcing the law.
See, J.D., it's called comprehensive immigration reform for a reason -- Obama (and millions of other Americans) wants to enforce laws that actually work. He is not interested in continuing to shovel billions of taxpayer dollars trying to enforce laws that clearly don't work. You know, laws that create only 5,000 green cards to deal with 500,000 unskilled-labor jobs created every year by the American economy.

Along the way, of course, Crazy Joe gave J.D. lots of love in his quest to unseat John McCain as Arizona's senator -- particularly by attacking McCain:
Arpaio: I don't seem to get much support, especially from some U.S. senators or politicians.

Pirro: Well, you are certainly supporting J.D. Hayworth in his race against John McCain.

Arpaio: And I'm proud of it.

Pirro: Why, sheriff? Why?

Arpaio: Because he's been around for five years, he's been talkin' about this. It's not politically expedient for him to do it now, like some other politicians -- it's a political issue. And that's what the problem is with illegal immigration. So J.D.'s been doing it five years, and he's gonna continue to fight this problem.
Pirro, however, was eager to treat the two extremists, while simultaneously trying to paint Clarissa Martinez in a corner. Martinez, fortunately, was up to the task and made compelling points that left them unable to respond -- so of course, Pirro quickly switched back to boosting Hayworth.

And this was on Geraldo Rivera's show. Rivera is one of the few sane voices at Fox on immigration -- but you sure would never have known by watching this weekend.

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